Battle for Azeroth: Visions of N’zoth! Learn about Voidforging, Blizzard’s retaliation to Titanforging

For many years World of Warcraft has been one of the most successful games by Blizzard. World of Warcraft has been insanely active ever since its launch, attracting thousands of players daily. The ongoing expansion, Battle for Azeroth, launched last year and while many players haven’t enjoyed it as much as expected, many still log in daily to play.

The main issue with Battle for Azeroth is that it failed to correct a lot of problems that were around in Legion and having problems of its own at the same time.

Many players are complaining about how random getting geared up feels like, for example. Systems like Titanforging and random upgrades rolling whenever you loot an item makes finding something useful feel like a waste.

Other players think that set vendors should be brought back into the game so that players can have more control over what piece of gear they decide to go for instead of having the system determine what they loot via a random roll.

Blizzard then decided to attack the Titanforging problem with “Benthic” gear a few patches into the expansion. These are unique upgradable items that start at a specific item level which players increase by trading in-game currency to an NPC.

While Benthic gear represents a step in the right direction, it was only putting a patch over the problem. It didn’t cover all gear slots as weapons, rings and trinkets were still being obtainable through Dungeons and Raids exclusively. Which means that players could grind for days until they finally find the best ring for their class only to find out they have a Titanforged sub-optimal ring that out-levels the ring they’ve been trying to find for so long.

Visions of N’zoth aims to attack this issue with Voidforging; a new mechanic made possible by N’zoth’s invasion invasions which ended up corrupting Titanforging. In this new patch, players will also receive a legendary cloak named Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve.

The cloak will behave like the Heart of Azeroth; it will level up with the player and become stronger, giving better stats for the player as its item level increases. It also reduces sanity loss, which will be needed to survive within N’zoth’s nightmare and some think it will be very important in a raid boss later in the patch.

In addition to all this, players will also be able to obtain unique corrupted rings. These items will bring a substantial increase to player stats while also delivering significant drawbacks to the wearer. All rings increase damage and healing by 2% while also affecting the player with some sort of curse that will trigger different mechanics for the player whenever they perform a specific action.


For example, one of the rings will spawn a tentacle whenever the player kills an enemy, said tentacle which will try to void grip the player after a short duration. Other rings will have effects like taunting all enemies around the player if their health goes below 25%, rooting the player whenever they land a killing blow, and one of the rings will even curse the player if they overheal, preventing them from healing for a duration.

All these changes to the game seem very exciting, and w e wish to know what will happen to the game whenever these go live. We really hope these changes will make the game more appealing to everyone so that we can have fun playing the game we all love.

Disclaimer: All this information is currently in the PTR and features might change before going live.

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