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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order: Marvel and Nintendo join forces for the first time!

It’s been ten years since we last got to play a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game, now we have in our hands another opportunity to try out the new edition of one of the few Marvel projects that allowed to explore and enjoy the vast, rich and so elaborate universe that this Superheroes world has for us.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (except for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy editions) hasn’t changed much since the first game; it just had changes or additions. It is a beat em’ up with cooperative gameplay for up to four players, that means, you and your friends or the A.I. run around kicking the butt of minions and mini-bosses to finally meet a boss at the end of the level, all of this with a lot of teamwork, good and simple.

Every character will have a light and heavy attack, dodge, block, jump and four unique abilities; there will also be passive team buffs of different stats acquired through characters’ combinations, for example, X-Men, Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Web Warriors, Heavy Hitters, and other tens of teams. You will be able to see in which group every hero belongs.

There is also an attack synergy system that will allow you to combine superheroes special abilities for making considerably powerful attacks that will help your team to wipe out enemy waves in few seconds. This will be simple to use as you will have to press the ZR button and then select with X, Y, or B teammate with which you would like to perform the combined attack.

Some RPG elements will also be present as you will be able to level up and upgrade abilities, your heroes will level up as you advance through the campaign, the only issue with this feature is that it requires some grinding to improve superheroes abilities. There is also the option to change costumes as you unlock them by progressing in the game.

Graphics are an important aspect too, they’re different to what the other releases had to offer, this time we have a colourful game, where the characters, with a few exceptions, are adapted to the 90s comic styles, Wolverine with his classic yellow suit, Cyclops in his full blue style and Iron Fist with his green costume and yellow bandana are a few of the numerous examples we could offer you.

The number of characters, from both the villain and heroes side, is huge, we will get to fight and play with some of the most renown like Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thanos, to some that have been long forgotten but deserve their place as any other, like Moon Knight, Blade, Ghost Rider and MODOK.

Story will take place in a different universe, Thanos is trying to collect all Infinity Gems same as in The Avengers movies but this time with completely different events, villains and heroes of every Marvel family clash in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and you will have to explore several places from the comics and the cinematic universe, fighting a variety of enemies and also running across puzzles challenges and fantastic cut scenes.

Overall the game is fun; same as its predecessors, every character feels special in its own way, it is also fantastic the possibility to see so many incredible characters interacting and being able to play with your friends in this unique Marvel game, it has its issues like a few FPS drops in situations where the screen is charged with characters or the camera acting weird in closed places, but nothing that breaks playability, we totally recommend giving it a try!

Written by wasgeeks

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