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Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Switch Lite, a cheaper and smaller version of the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo really hit the nail on the head with the release of the Switch, it is no secret that the console has been a major success, it’s versatility, making a console possible to be hybrid was very innovative, it was what players were looking for, but their new Nintendo Switch Lite will only be portable, so is that good or bad?

We can begin mentioning the new features that the Switch Lite is bringing for us and the ones that differ or where removed in relation with the flagship Switch.

First off, what we believe to be the most extreme change, is the impossibility to connect it  to a TV, for this new addition to the Switch Brand is meant to be exclusively a portable console, but different to previous Nintendo’s portables that had the tendency to support less demanding games when compared to the table console in force, it will run the same games as long as they are compatible with the handheld mode.


Some of the games that will not be supported are 1, 2 Switch, Fitness Boxing, Just Dance 2017, Just Dance 2018, Just Dance 2019, Super Mario Party and Nintendo LABO. The solution for playing these games, except for LABO, given by Nintendo was to use Joy-Cons, as the Lite version will have the control inputs and central unit integrated.

The screen will be smaller, from 6,2” on the regular Switch to 5.5” on the Lite version with more pixels per inch for a clearer image. The battery will also last longer; the Switch Lite will carry a 3570 mAh that can last from 3 to 7 hours different to the regular Switch with a 4310 mAh battery that lasts 2,5 to 6,5 hours.

It will have a 32 GB internal memory with 26 GB meant for storage that will be possible to expand through micro SD cards. The processor will be the same as the flagship console, Nvidia Tegra, it will not have an IR motion camera as the right Joy-Con does, the directional buttons have been swapped for a cross control pad, and it will also be lighter.

There were 3 colours revealed on the tráiler video: turquoise, grey and yellow. Now last but not least, the most important, the price will be of 200$, 100$ less than the regular Switch. After revising all of the new features that the Switch Lite is bringing for us, what can we conclude?

At first it might seem that Nintendo did something weird, but if you think about that one more time it makes sense, they are clearly aiming for a public that looks for something simpler or cheaper, someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money but still want top lay Nintendo’s exclusives, or those that just want a handheld console for playing on the Street, the bus or when traveling, In summary, the goal is to give people more options.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be released on September 9th 2019. For more information on this product, you can visit

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