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Have you heard about Biomutant? A promising RPG that goes unnoticed

Every year there are games that catch all of the attention, sometimes because they have a lot of media marketing, on other occasions for being an adaptation of a movie, cartoon or anime, and other times because they are a sequel or remake of an important franchise; and then, there is Biomutant, that goes completely unnoticed but looks as good as any of those that got people expectations up.

This sneaky project is a surprises box, its amount of features and style, makes it hard to define it into one or two genres, but we could say it is an action RPG at the most, as battles full of adrenaline, and deciding the fate of the world by making major or lesser decisions is what you will have to deal with most of the time.

The story relates to post-apocalyptic earth, where the world is now dominated by animal-like creatures that look like combinations from several species and is covered in green. The fate of the world depends on saving the Tree of Life that has been affected that a poisonous cloud that is covering the surface, to do so, you will have to make a journey to each of its 5 roots, and defeat the beasts corrupting them.

The plot will also count with six tribes, three that want to save the Tree of Life, and the other three that want to control it for their own goals. You can be allied with any of them through a karma system, and work together with a tribe to bring down others, but there are also ways to finish the game peacefully.

On the character creation panel, when you start a new game, you can make your mutant as you please, you can make him strong, fast or intelligent, and that will the depend on the aspect you give to your character, for example, if you make his head larger, It will be more intelligent, if you make it big, then more strength is what you get.

As we roam this vast open-world, several quests will start unlocking depending on the decisions we make. Our mutant will be able to fight in a kung-Fu style, while using swords and guns in a Devi May Cry way, with high jumps, stunts, and crazy shooting.

A narrator will be following us in this adventure; he will work as a translator as the mutants don’t speak a language that we can understand. His voice is similar to that of the Diablo-like indie Torchlight, and in our opinion, it feels like a nice addition to the atmosphere of the game.

Sadly Biomutant has been delayed several times, its release was supposed to happen on mid-2019, and there was a lot of misinformation around this project for the developers were not being clear to fans, and there wasn’t a lot of official announcements being made.

Fortunately, new gameplay will be presented on the Gamescom 2019; this means that the project is still up and we might have it in our gaming consoles or PC sooner than we think!

Written by wasgeeks

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