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A New Challenger Approaches Banjo-Kazooie join Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is having some of the best character additions of the series, and becoming a massive crossover of classic characters from the video games universe ever. When the series was all about Nintendo it didn’t leave too much to be desired, so the third-party additions are the cherry of the cake, they make it better.

Banjo & Kazooie made their debut in an unexpected date; in the middle of the Nintendo Direct, Masahiro Sakurai surprises us with the news that the beloved bear and bird team were making their entrance that day, and so it was, just hours after the announcement, the update that extended the roster was ready.
The skillset of the 73rd is very original an enjoyable, the skills feel fresh and unique, and have new mechanics that bring a new style of gameplay, same as we have seen with Joker by spawning Arsene, and with Hero that is something entirely different for any other character from the Super Smash roster. Banjo & Kazooie uniqueness may not be as radical as theirs, but they have their particularities.

For their skills, we have Egg Firing/Breegull Blaster as the “neutral B”, where Kazooie fires an egg from his mouth, and if the button is held, he will fire them continuously while allowing movement.
“Side B” goes by the name of Wondering and consists on a forward charge attack, it is the move with the highest priority, which means that if Banjo & Kazooie are going to collide with an enemy attack, Wondering will always beat it, and it also comes along with a period of invincibility when the action is being performed. But don’t get too hyped as there will only be five charges represented as Golden Feathers per stock to use this overpowered ability.
The “up B”, Shock Spring Jump, with the use of a Shock Spring Pad, the bear & bird team will make a high jump, plain and simple, but, after using this skill, Banjo & Kazooie can move and attack, which gives an insane advantage when recovering from out of the stage, and they also have 2 air jumps which enhance even more their recovery potential.
Finally for the “down B”, Rear Egg, a grenade egg shot by Kazooie in the direction she isn’t facing, the egg is thrown far from them, so you should predict where will the enemy land to successfully damage them with the attack properly. Rear egg also works wonders on ledge trapping,

That was just about the skills, now if we are going to analyze a bit more technical features they have, we might say they don’t have a grate frame data, meaning their attacks take a delay to execute, leaving the duo weak against enemies that can harass them like Pichu or Inkling, also challengers with a higher number of projectiles, like Snake, might put them into trouble.
On the right side, Banjo & Kazooie are ideal for edge-guarding, and as we said before for recovering, and also, they are amusing to play with. So we might say that on the competitive level, a player using them could get into trouble, but for casual gameplay, Nintendo designed them perfectly.

Written by wasgeeks

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