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Indie Review: Amid Evil

Running super-fast while slaughtering your enemies with a variety of weapons is always fun, so Amid Evil is here for that, a mysterious and bloody FPS indie that feels inspired by DOOM, where you rely more on reflexes and speed rather than logic and thinking, that you can enjoy with its simplicity and easy to play nature.

At first glance, we get a minimalistic interface, with the regular options, where immediately after starting a new game, you quickly jump to action, pick the difficulty that suits you and then begin your weird and intriguing adventure with a character you have no idea who is.
In the beginning, the story is not clear at all, aMicroctually, the game makes no reference about anything, you seem like an individual who roams around weird places killing humanoid creatures which clearly aren’t overjoyed with your presence.

As you advance things get slightly clearer, but not because of any NPC or dialogue but for messages written on the walls that give you hints about what is going on, but we will keep a secret what we have found out so there are no spoilers delivered in the review; and the story isn’t too deep being honest.
There will be an arsenal at your disposal composed by 7 weapons, the one with which you begin the game will be your trusty axe which requires no mana, different to rest which you will obtain through the levels and work with four different types of many, each represented by a different colour.
You will manipulate a sword that when slashed, fires energy, a bomb launcher, a trident with electricity and more weapons that will appear in both, normal o hidden places, so be sure to explore the whole map.
We also got the feeling that the game is not just about running and shooting (or hitting) but it also gets disturbing, so the weird noises that come out of it help a lot with that, and if that was the developer’s objective they hit the spot with them. The music is another plus to this feature, it is either or creating a mysterious mood or a worrying one with actions movies-like music that makes you think that something is going to happen and you have to act fast.
Graphics are not a big deal, but the gameplay compensates them. They are pixelated, but the game is on 3D, like the middle point between DOOM and DOOM 3.
There are also other game modes aside from the main story like the Hordes of Evil, where you fight countless hordes of enemies until you can’t withstand them anymore.

For completionism enthusiasts, every level has several secret areas where you will find souls, any kind of mana, health orbs and weapons, and finding them will raise your score at the end of a level. This also adds a certain level of replayability, as you can go back to any area after you finish the game, you can also replay it as you will unlock harder difficulties.
As a verdict we can say that If this game was released for the Playstation 1 or Nintendo 64 it would’ve been unforgettable, a masterpiece, still, as an indie released on 2019 it is really good and has a nice old-school mood that from time to time gamers enjoy with its simplicity and pixelated graphics, we would absolutely recommend it.
Amid Evil is available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Written by wasgeeks

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