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Curse of the Vampire, the first expansion of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, arrives with a lot of new content

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has been doing very well since its day of release. Nintendo reported it to have some of the highest sells on the Nintendo eShop, exceeding expectations, since it is not a secret that the reviews were leaning to the positive side, but not too far from the middle; still, the expansions might change many players’ minds about the game, as they began with the right foot.

Curse of the Vampire arrives on the Nintendo Switch with more than just four new heroes on the roster, but also with costumes, game modes, a new store and an alternative story mode, so let’s begin to break this down.

The new heroes are four of the Marvel Knights, a line from the Marvel Comics dedicated to developing more serious stories, meant for 15 years or older people, they will be the Punisher, Morbius the Living Vampire, Blade and Moon Knight. Let’s have a brief look into their playing style and abilities:

  • Punisher: the anti-hero impersonated by Frank Castle has, as expected, a huge arsenal, using his fists and shotgun on his light-attacks and his rifle, pistol and grenade thrower for his heavy-attacks. His skills are Heavy Artillery, Fire in the Hole, Smokescreen and Sniper Shot, all of them helping him to jump into the fight or get a gap between him and the enemies for sniping them,
  • Morbius: this intelligent scientist who became a Vampire by mistake has a set of devastating accounts such as Claws and Fangs which allows him to kill enemies and drain their force, Vicious Vamp, Slashing Strike and Hypnotic Gaze, a unique ability that freezes enemies. You can jump on enemies with Morbius without any fear, as he is swift and has devastating attacks,
  • Moon Knight: the so-called Batman of the Marvel Universe is a more fundamental character, but still fun to play. He is for close combat, and his attacks are Moon Landing which consists in a jump that allows him to land in the spot you select; Vengeance Burst, for gaining space; Khonshu’s Fury, which is a regular barrage, and Crescent Kick, for a moon-shaped kicked,
  • Blade: the mysterious vampire hunter has a variety of moves involving his glaives and silver spikes. His attacks can all be charged, and they consist in Spinning Swords; High Stakes, where he attacks with his shotgun; Bleeding Edge, an attack that bounces on the enemies, and Off the Chain, for whipping out enemies in a big area.

The new game mode is Gauntlet, it consists in challenges similar to the Infinity ones, but they will test your endurance, as you will have to pick a team of heroes and clear the objectives until the last of your team members is down. This challenges will reward you with S.H.I.E.L.D. Tokens, in-game currency for purchasing Iso-8, experience cubes, Costumes, voice lines and more in the new shop, S.H.I.E.L.D. Depot.

Nightmare is the new story mode we mentioned earlier, it will be the same story sadly (not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it would’ve been nice to fight new enemies and explore new areas), but now enemies will heal when they attack you. Some of them will be stronger as they suffer from a vampiric curse.

Along with the expansion, there were also released some new costumes Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man and Hulk, and they’re not just colour swaps, which means Team Ninja are redeeming themselves from the critics about not having alternate aspects as the older Marvel Ultimate Alliance games did.

Written by wasgeeks

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