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Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019 complete recap – Part 1

Only 3 months after the E3, Nintendo refuses to lay low with its latest Nintendo Direct aired last month on September the 4th. Filled with new releases, updates, details and big reveals, this Nintendo Direct is definitely in the books, and we are here to bring you the recap.

An eSport favourite heads over to the Switch.

The event opens quite straightforward putting all rumours to rest: Blizzard’s Overwatch is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch. The popular multiplayer shooter will feature all existent content from other versions, plus new skins and a 3-month Nintendo Switch Online pass; the trailer also shows us a “new way to play” on the Switch, utilizing the console’s motion control for some features in the game.

Overwatch Legendary Edition will be arriving to the Nintendo Switch on October the 15th.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 new party mode: ScreamPark

Nintendo keeps revealing new details for the upcoming Luigi’s solo game. This time we take a quick look at the haunted hotel’s various floors where the spooky adventure unfolds; each floor will have its unique characteristics and theme like tomb suits, pirate theme restaurant and more. Also, Nintendo announces a new party mode in addition to campaign, co-op and Scarescraper mode: The ScreamPark mode, in which 2 to 8 players face each other in battle throughout different multiplayer games; the players are split into two teams: the Luigi team and the Gooigi team.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be available on October the 31st.

Kirby’s free-to-start four-player quest

HAL Laboratory’s Super Kirby Clash arrived on September the 4th. This new local and online co-op combat game includes over 100 quests and supports up to 4 players. 4 types of Kirby are available depending on the job of choice and can be customized during these quests, like changing their amours, weapon of choice and build up their stats (stamina, recovery, speed…).

SNES library coming to Nintendo Switch Online service

One of the biggest highlights was the so rumoured arrival of the SNES library to the Switch, which did so on September the 5th, and just like its predecessor the NES’ library, it’s available for all gamers with a Nintendo Switch Online service subscription. The games will feature suspend point and rewind options to avoid certain irritable scenarios (You know Super Ghouls n’ Goblins, you know pain), also local and online multiplayer and co-op modes for those games that support them. 20 titles were available at launch with more on their way.

The SNES library also got the same “final touch” as we saw with the NES’ one; the announcement ends with the introduction of a specially created SNES controller for the Switch to play these games with. Only 4 controllers per Switch Online service account are available for purchase.

Cult sensation gets a sequel on the Switch

Probably the most unexpected announcement of the day came as the release of Deadly Premonition 2: A blessing in disguise, a direct sequel to the cult classic, coming in 2020. Also, the original game was made available on the Nintendo Switch eShop right away as Deadly Premonition: Origins.

Stay connected for Part 2, where we take a look at September’s Nintendo Direct RPG galore.


Written by wasgeeks

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