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PENTA KILL! Riot Games announces new game development projects, LOL for smartphones, a new Champion and an animated series!

After a whole decade of being a “one-hit wonder” gaming company, Riot has taken the courage, or maybe they were just waiting for the perfect time, trying to reach a budget, or whatever their reason was, to do what their fans were waiting for so eagerly, starting to develop new significant projects!

It was time for starting to exploit some potential.

League of Legends has become a game of cult, as one of the harbingers of turning the eSports into part of the mainstream entertainment, their characters have become the “fictional idols” of many fans; same as superheroes do on theirs, which made it sad to lose all that potential and lore they created, all that cult they managed to sow and make bloom, into a single game, that made almost no use of all that background.

A cards game, fighting game, and a shooter is what Riot has been preparing for us!
Legends of Runeterra, called by the people the “Hearthstone” of LoL, will be their new online cards game, where they aim to end with the RNG factor of card games and make is as strategic and technical as possible. The game will be featuring champions from all of Runeterra and their factions.
The shooter is being compared to a combination of Overwatch with Counter-Strike: GO, its name is Project A. This game is not near ready, but the Riot team gave us a glimpse on a video of their progress; it has its own characters with a style that remain loyal to that of LoL’s, and it’s meant to be a tactical game.
And in case we didn’t have enough, there is also a fighting game on the way!  As it was announced in EVO 2019, the largest fighting games convention in the world. The game is supposed to be on 2D, similar to Tekken or Street Fighter, and count with several Runeterra champions, by the moment, Riot has confirmed Ahri, Darius, Katarina and Jinx.

Hey! Don’t leave yet that is not it
League of Legends will have its new stuff too. The game will have its version for smartphones, League of Legends: Wild Rift! Which will be sad for all those indie games that look similar to it. Also, TFT will have its mobile version too.
Aside from this, there is also a new Champion incoming, she is Senna: Shadow’s Embrace, who made her preview with an introduction video, she is Lucian’s wife, and her soul was the one trapped in Thresh’s lantern. Riot referred to her as the first “support ADC.”

Some of the other projects they are preparing are Arcane, an animated series of League of Legends’ lore. This project was introduced through a video where got to see a steampunk styled city, and characters such as Singed, Warwick, Dr Mundo, Jinx and Vi.
Finally, the other projects being developed are a Netflix documentary, League of Legends: Origins, which will be a recount of how has LoL evolved on its first ten years, and an action game similar to Diablo that doesn’t have too much information yet.

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