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WAS Geeks’ Top 10 new games of October 2019 Part 1

These days the increasing amount of game releases each year is exponential, as the industry evolves and expands we get more companies and indie developers working on an eclectic variety of games, so we decided to make a top of the best games released on October 2019, enjoy it!

Medievil (Remake)

There are games made with the wit that years or even decades later get a genius remake too, and Medievil enters this category. The game looks almost the same as the original but with the necessary graphics upgrades, but its humour gameplay and story remain untouched. A great move from PlayStation of bringing back to life so many of their long-forgotten (by them, not the gamers) exclusives that people so anxiously expect to see alive and kicking.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Switch

If you’re tired of Skyrim’s immortality, then let us remind you that The Witcher 3 exists too, and it came to stay. Geralt of Rivia’s last campaign is already on the Nintendo Switch, by sacrificing a bit of graphic muscle, Nintendo and CDProjekt managed to fit that entire immense world in a portable console! A task that made even Cory Barlog (God of War’s director) show how amazed he was.

Felix the Reaper

Indie games don’t need a high budget, a big team or too much complexity to be successful and become respected and acknowledgeable, but they do need large amounts of creativity, and Felix the Reaper counts with that, it has challenging puzzles and beautiful art. With a simple story and a perfect touch of comedy, this game is ideal for those moments where you are tired of the mass shootings and unending sword-swinging that gaming generally offers.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

One of the most anticipated games since the moment it was announced. After so many mistakes from Infinity Ward, which ended in the devaluation of the Call of Duty franchise, the reboot of Modern Warfare might be the best opportunity to redeem themselves. This game is the beginning of what most consider to be the best saga of the series, so it is time to make Call of Duty revive from its ashes like the Phoenix.

Modern Warfare will also count with cross-console multiplayer. The remake of cult work will take us once again to a story set in a realistic, or contemporaneous environment rather than a futuristic one, the last one, is the reason why the opinions were so polarised over several of the previous Call of Duty games.

Stranded Sails

Usually, family-friendly games are table games with a digital adaptation, like chess, Monopoly, or they are physically active like Just Dance and Wii Sports. Still, in the case of Stranded Sails, it is different, it’s an open-world farming game similar to Stardew Valley, where you will be shipwrecked in a mysterious archipelago, and you will need to complete quests in order to repair your ship and get back home.

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