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WAS Geeks’ Top 10 new games of October 2019 Part 2

Let’s keep going with our October Top 10 games. This month had a large number of incredible games, so it is hard to select which ones are the best, but here in WAS Geeks we give you our opinion on which games you should keep an eye on! Let’s continue.

The Outer Worlds

It is difficult to get a lousy RPG from the hands of Obsidian Entertainment, and The Outer Worlds is another proof of that. In a space colony fully controlled by corporations, you will be the person who will disturb their plans. This world counts with incredible landscapes, neon signs, futuristic buildings, spaceships and a vast amount of NPCs that will make exploring a pleasant activity.

Also, it promises to take decision making to another level, where everything you do causes changes in the story, your relation with NPCs and your character development; this, coming by the hand of the creators of Fallout: New Vegas can be expected to be true.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

The first Luigi’s Mansion was like the signature game of the Nintendo GameCube, an all-time classic, with a unique camera system, charming characters and a kind of comedy that only Luigi could give us, we can expect the third release of this series to honour its predecessors.

This time the only “change” related to the story is going from a mansion to a hotel, which might actually be good if we take in account that this will give the possibility of having a more significant length; also, the style of Luigi’s Mansion combined with the portable mode of the Nintendo Switch will create a great experience.

Concrete Genie

Another PlayStation exclusive reaches our October top 10, this time it is not a remake, but a new and original adventure. Concrete Genie relates a simple story, you will play as Ash, a kid who lives in a polluted small town, loves to draw in his sketchbook, some bullies rip it apart and send the pages flying around the city. Ash discovers a magic paintbrush that brings his creations to life, and they help him reviving his town and beating the bullies.

The combination of Ash’ creations colours, added to the sad and the polluted style of the town gives the game spectacular visuals. Also, the creations will have different personalities depending on the colour you paint them or how you draw them. The idea of this game is fantastic, and we’re anxious to see how it plays out in the long term.

Disco Elysium

Controlling a detective in a game is always entertaining, now imagine controlling a detective whose personality is being moulded by you, that’s what Disco Elysium, an open-world indie RPG is. With more than 50 hours of gameplay, you will be a detective with a set of skills that help you in uncovering crimes in whatever way you like it, being an individual with ethics, or a disaster of a person who interprets justice as he pleases.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

The 2.5D platformer series is back with its fourth game. With beautiful and colourful landscapes and tons of magic, Trine 4 joins our top for being one of those games toy can play at any time, it doesn’t overwhelm you and brings a lot of fun every second you play it. Even though the puzzles or enemies aren’t too challenging, there is no waste in playing it.

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