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A New Challenger Approaches: Terry Bogard Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

A legend in video games since the Arcade era on 1991, Terry Bogard, the main character from Fatal Fury, makes his entrance in the game that took place from the classic, Street Fighter 2, as the highest sold fighting game in history, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The reveal trailer of this new fighter was released on September 4 with a cool video that began by showing the Virtual Boy console, then a series of scenes featuring the pixelated characters from Fatal Fury who are trying to grab an invitation with the Super Smash Bros logo on it, but all fail to catch it, except for Terry Bogard who appears in the 3D style that is now present on Ultimate.


Said this, let’s start with the things that matter the most

What skills and moves does Terry has, how fun to play he is, and what features can we highlight from him for the competitive gameplay?

His abilities

  • Power Wave is Terry’s “neutral B”, he punches the ground releasing a show wave with a reasonably long distance;
  • Burning Knuckle/Crack Shoot is his “side special”, which one you do depends whether you tilt it forward; where he charges forward with his fist, with its range depending on how long you hold the button, or backwards, where he leaps ahead making a heel kick;
  • Rising Strike, his “up special”; not the best recovery, and doesn’t do a lot of damage, but works better than other challengers recovers, and it’s better than having nothing;
  • And finally; Power Dunk, the “down special”, when activating this ability, Terry will knock his opponents up, and then do a diagonal downward punch to bring them back to the ground.
  • We could also mention his Final Smash, named Triple Wolf, where he does a triple combo to the first enemy that crosses into his way but can deal damage to the rest of enemies.

Same as Ryu and Ken, Terry; as an arcade legend, will have his command inputs too

The command inputs will be similar to the ones Terry had in Fatal Fury, there will be one for each of his special abilities except for Power Wave, once the input is correctly “inputted”; a more powerful version of the skill will show-up.

Bogard will also count with two Super Special Moves, but these will have a requirement, Terry will need to reach 100% damage or more to input either: Power Geyser or Buster Wolf, both having a more complex combination to do.

Is Terry good for competitive or casual gameplay?

We consider him excellent on both sides, either fun to play with and with a skillset perfectly fit for mastering to defeat your opponents on competitive gameplay, the thing is, because of the command inputs most players will need a lot of practice to get the hang of Terry.

His Super Special Moves are also a great feature; they can become insanely overpowered on the hand of someone skilled enough to never fail the combination to execute them; still, he isn’t broken, since there are his weaknesses too, such as camping and his recovery.

If you want to play as Terry Bogard in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can acquire him through the eShop by either buying him alone or purchasing the Fighters Pass.

Written by wasgeeks

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